Re-introducing an Injured Duck


Oct 19, 2020
Two weeks ago one of our female Indian Runner Ducks, hatched in early September became lame.
I saw her having a great deal of difficulty walking in the morning. I couldn’t find anything wrong when I picked her up and examined her.
But by the end of the day she wasn’t using her left leg at all.
I brought her inside. After two weeks she is setting her leg down, and using it for balance, although not putting pressure on it.
She has been healing and her energy is better. She has been very noisy the last day or two. I felt she was calling for her flock. Plus she has been indoors and hasn’t had any sunshine for two weeks.
So I put her out in a mobile pen. And she flew higher and farther than I imagined possible, over the barricade to be with her flock....
And they either ignored her or picked on her. I was watching and I stepped out and spread my arms, so they left her. Then she stood alone watching them. But later she swam in the pond with them and it seems they are accepting her back, somewhat; but with her leg still healing. It’s icy out and she can’t move fast enough to stay out of the way, if I brought her inside tonight.
Have you had any experience re-introducing an in injured duck back to the flock?
never a duck, but if the same as with chickens have her caged in their full view for a couple of days at least before realeasing

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