Re-Introducing injured chicken?


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I had a dog attack and one of my chickens has been recouping for a while. Previous thread for reference:

I tried putting her out with her flock this morning, and they all started picking on her! She's walking fine and doesn't act injured. She was able to run off, but she was very confused as to why her sisters were picking on her... I put her in a pen along side the main pen, so they share a fence line, but are separated. The main flock is really making noise, not liking her next to them.

Any idea what's up? How long will it take for them to accept her? Is there anything I can do to ease the transition?

What I've done in the past, is put a low pecking order hen in with the injured one, then after a few days another, then another. then they become a flock of 3.
In 1 severe case, I booted all the chickens out of their coop and left only the small mini flock in the coop for 3 days. Gotta supervise them of course.,

That worked for me.

I have never since isolated 1 chicken. I always give them a buddy or 2 and rotate the buddies in and out of the isolation. I must include that I have never isolated for suspected contagion - only injuries. I love my birds but if 1 were contagious I would have to eradicate it from the flock with quick and merciless precision.
Thanks for the reply. I'll remember that for next time. She spent the morning in the isolation pen next to the main pen and was sitting against the common fence with three others when I got home a bit ago, so I went ahead and put out with the flock. She got picked on some, but they quit after a bit and seemed to settle in fine. I needed the isolation pen for two new hens and a rooster I brought home with me ;-).

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