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Aug 14, 2010
Brunswick County
I'm back!

I was on this forum briefly last year and then had some health issues. But, we're back on track and will soon be getting the chicken coop a friend is building for me and then the chickens. The coop is supposed to house about 14 chickens. Funny thing is, last year Mother (Mother and I and my 'adopted' son have a joint venture going...) was only going to permit 6 hens. Then, I started leaving chicken magazines with lots of pretty pictures laying around and soon I was hearing "I want one of those...and one of those...oh, we can have more than 6...".
I'm leaning toward Easter Eggers but Mother saw some cochins a friend has and fell in love with the feathered legs so... I think we'll end up with an interesting mixture! I'm also considering ducks and/or geese both for their usefulness on the homestead and because I've learned that I could have a ready made clientele for the meat at Christmas.

Anyway, just wanted to re-introduce myself...hi, ya'll!!



8 Years
Jul 17, 2011
North Central Kansas
Howdy from Kansas, Tina! Glad you are feeling better and happy you joined BYC! I know what you mean about picking chickens - there are more types that I want than I have room to keep!! Best of luck!!

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