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    Oct 14, 2010
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    Would love some advice if anyone has any ideas........ First some history: long story but I ended up receiving 8 BFCM 4ish week old chicks (plus a few other breeds) in the mail from a reputable breeder mailed from Georgia and received by me in Oregon (two days in the mail). They were fully feathered and all seemed healthy so I immediately put them in my main coop, separated from my grown flock of about 40 other chickens who free range 10 acres all daylight hours. About week 2 I noticed some sneezing/rattle sounding breathing in two of these chicks. I immediately moved them into the house for quarantine and put some ACV in their water, but no other treatment (hesitant to use antibiotics). One died the next day (smelled very bad) and I attributed it to a crop problem. The other one seemed fully recovered from the sneezing after a week so I moved her back to the outside coop. Another week later, two more were sneezing/rattle breathing, very sleepy seeming (only the FBCM). Moved them both into the house for quarantine as I was down to 7 of this breed and did not want to lose another. One seemed much worse than the other, about 1/3 smaller in size and did not want to eat or drink. She died 2 days later. Picked up some Duramyacin and started the other chick on it in her water with some rooster booster as well (vits and electrolytes). She is still sneezing occasionally and sometimes (not very often) the breathing sounds very rattly but most of the time normal. She occasionally does the stretch/upward swing with her neck like she is choking. I get to thinking she is doing well and then am not so sure again. She seems very itchy, especially on her feathered feet, she is constantly pulling/scratching at them with her beak. Wherever she stands for a period of time she leaves quite a dusting of small, scaly, dandruff looking like stuff from scratching herself. She does not have mites or fleas that I can tell. She is active but not as active as I think she should be. Eating/drinking well, no watery eyes, normal poop, does not sneeze anything up, no discharges of any kind ( all details go for all four that were sick). I have her bedded on small alfalfa pellets (great for no dust in the house and soaking up the runny poops!). She spends the evening on the couch on hubbys belly [​IMG] (my chickens are livestock not pets, livestock not pets, livestock not pets.......) I plan to keep her on the antibiotics for a total of 10 days (today is day 7) but not sure they have really helped. Does anyone know if the itching could indicate anything I may have missed?? Could her feet hurt?? She walks just fine and also scratches under her wings a lot and other parts of her body. Thanks in advance!!
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    Check for lice or mites.

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