Re-thinking coop....AGAIN...need advice!


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Sep 10, 2010
Ok, so I still can't make a permanent coop since I will be renting, but a 4Wx8Lx4H is not going to do. (was thinking about making something like this: ). Now on my new plan, plan # 3000 lol, I was thinking the same 4Wx8L but the coop would be 3 feet tall and 1.5 foot off the ground.

Now, my questions are:

1- Would chickens use the 1'5" under the 3 wall coop? (specially if I fill it with sand)

2- Is 2 feet "head room" from the roost sufficient head room?

3- How about 1'5" of head room from the roost?

4 - Thinking about making the nestboxes with outside access, but not in the 3 wall "coop"...I was thinking about either under the coop or at the end of the "run". Would this work?

If I'm able to do this it would some more room for maybe 1 more chicken

Thanks in advance!!!
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Chickens like to feel verey secure when they are laying their eggs. They like a nice dark place to do this. A place separate from the others if possible.

In some of my pens that I have not had time to build a coop with laying nests for - - - I went to walmat and bought $5 rubbermaid totes, Tall ones. I cut a hole in the side of the tote and put mulch and a golf ball in the tote. The lid keeps everything dry and "PRIVATE".
3 feet is kinda cramped, even for bantams. Why not make it at least 4 feet tall? Even that is somewhat squished, but better.

I have a reach in coop on 2 foot legs, and my bantams do go underneath, but they're only about 8 inches tall. I don't like this design because it's hard to get under the coop to clean it up. The chickens hang out under there pooping all the time. I have to reach under with a rake and scrape out the droppings.

Some standard size breed are pretty tall. What breeds are you considering?

Don't forget to consider your vent placement as you're figuring out the design of your coop. Usually you don't want a vent right next to a roost if you get cold weather to deal with, because you won't want to leave that vent open.

As far as nestbox placement is concerned, you'll want to put the nestbox someplace that it's easy for you to access, and not just to get the eggs. Sometimes you'll need to clean out the boxes, too.
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Hi Juan!
I like the design of that coop. I would keep it on the ground, and just throw pine shavings down under the roost area and shovel them out when you need to. Can you make it so you can pull the run apart from the covered area? Or open the back to shovel it out? I think putting the nest box at the end of the run would be fine. Mine like it like that, and have never tried to lay anywere else (except the Barred Rock right at the begining, but she has a mind of her own). Don't make them as big as I did - they prefer the smaller one I have in the brooder box now.
Yes, for sure, they will have to really hunker down under there but they *will* do that. Although ifyou could make it a tad higher that'd be better.

2- Is 2 feet "head room" from the roost sufficient head room?

2' above the roost is plenty for most breeds.

3- How about 1'5" of head room from the roost?

That's about the minimum you'd want to give, and if you will have a rooster it is pretty cramped. If you live somewhere that has cold winters (sorry, too lazy to page back to see if your post says where you live) make sure the roof is VERY WELL INSULATED if chicken noggins will be right up nearly-against it.

4 - Thinking about making the nestboxes with outside access, but not in the 3 wall "coop"...I was thinking about either under the coop or at the end of the "run". Would this work?

Under the run is a little risky if there is any question of rats coming around. Also if you will close the popdoor at night -- and it is a lot safer, no matter how secure you THINK your run is -- then not having the nestbox in the coop can be a problem.

But if you will leave the popdoor open at night and just cross fingers, and you are in a warmish climate with no expectation of rats, you can do it if you have to.

Honestly it would be better to have them in the coop though.

Good luck, have fun,

Math ace -thanks for the reply.....and I like that idea

Elmo/Patam - thx...and sorry I should've mentioned that I'm is FLA in the Bay Area...HOT, HOT, HOT and humid. The "coop" in only 3 walls and will be open to the "run" (it will really be an all in one kind of deal coop+run all "blending together")...and still with 3 walls I'm still putting vents on the sides! lol....I didn't think of Rats...but I will be putting hardwire cloth on the bottom of the entire I may be ok, may be?...

Chics...sent you a message

Thank you all will begin in a month (I hope)...shouldn't take long at all!
Perfect....I know it will be a funky layout...but we will make it work. I only want...well I should say I'm only getting (because I want more) 3 birds (BO, BR, EE...subject to change) so they should be ok...they coop/run should be light enough for us to move when needed, we'll have access to the nextboses from outside, I'll make double doors on the coop area on the back for clean should work ok...not what I wanted...but it will have to do!! Thx again!
So today was a bad day at I decided to play with the comp!


The blue should be 2x4's and the pink plywood! lol Makind it 2' under the coop area and 3' inside...
If you wanted to, you could also pick up a used trailer as a base for a coop. Then you could have a little bigger coop and just tow it with you, when you move. Just have the run bolt onto the coop. There are all kinds of little flatbed trailers for towing ATVs and other things. It's just a thought.

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