Reading these entries is scaring me!!

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  1. chicks44

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    Mar 17, 2009
    I am getting so excited to start raising a small flock of chickens with my young family. I have been worried that our chicken coop when finished will not be foolproof against critters. Now after reading all these posts about raccoons, fshers, oppossums, etc. I am petrified. The coop is surrounded by 1" poultry netting and has a metal roof as well. We have already purchased the wire. Can we double it over itself to make the openings smaller? Also, what exactly is involved in setting up an electric fence? Is it cheap? Is it safe with young kids? Do you have to wire the entire run or just part of it? Obviously you need to run electricity to the coop to make it work. Can someone suggest a brand? Thanks!
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    Feb 1, 2009
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    I was the same way when I first got started back in Feb. As was advised to me from someone on this site, relax and enjoy raising the birds. Do research, ask advice, then do what you feel will work. All the info here is very helpful, but can be very overwelming. Everyone will have their own reason's for doing something. Most very good advice. I find that I have to take a break from here, Just for the fact that all the info get's me worrying about what I've done, should do, etc. This is suppose to be fun, enjoy it.
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    May 16, 2008
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    Don't panic is the first thing. People had me all bent out of shape about my chickens safety also. I have had chickens for over a year now and I have had no mishaps and I live out in the middle of nowhere with every wild critter imaginable. Just use your common sense, bury the chicken wire to keep digging predators out, keep a top on your run, like netting or more chicken wire, and make sure their house is tight.If you have children I would advise to stay away from electric fence. I have a friend when her daughter was younger, she was at her grandparents house. They had electric wire around their pasture right by the driveway. The child grabs on to it and she could not let go, it shocked her good. My husband was there and grabbed her. I know it was probably a higher voltage than you would use around a chicken pen, but would you want your children shocked like that? She was fine, but she knows not to touch any fence at the grandparents house now.
    You know what kind of varmints you have around your home, just varmint proof their house and run for them. Like here, we have hawks, lots of hawks! My mother had me totally terrified of turning my chickens out to free roam. She said the hawks would get them. Well I decided to try it just a month or so ago,...the hawks come by, but the chickens are smart enough to run and hide when the fly over. I am not saying it will never happen, but don't underestimate your chickens, they have survival instincts also just like other animals. (Mostly you have to watch for those 4 legged domisticated critters.)
    Okay enough rambling from me,...
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    Feb 1, 2009
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    Have you relaxed yet?
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    They make a solar powered electric fence , if you dont have or want to run power to your coop. We are gonna hook ours up soon.....
    ( if the rain will ever quit and the sun come back out for more then an hour at a time! ) [​IMG]
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    Mar 10, 2009
  7. Uzuri

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    Mar 25, 2009
    Quote:Kids yeah, but keep and eye on the adults [​IMG]

    *Remembers how she grabbed the strawberry fence last summer to climb over, then fell on the #$&@ thing when it zapped her. Hasn't been the same since*
  8. Boyd

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    Mar 14, 2009
    and if the adults have one too many pops, it's never a good idea to urinate on the fence. My bud tried that at my house ONCE.... and never again
  9. badnfluinz

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    Apr 9, 2009
    Viola, Illinois
    OOOHHHHHHHH Kids! I have two 16 yr olds and they think its funny to touch it!
  10. Chirpy

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    May 24, 2007
    Good advice... sit back, take a few deep breaths and relax. Chickens are to be highly enjoyed... there's just nothing better than chicken TV after a stressful day.

    If all you can do is the chicken wire then I'd probably wrap it around itself twice - just for the extra peace of mind. Many animals can get through chicken wire - it was made to keep chickens in NOT predators out. That doesn't mean that every predator in your area is going to come running the second night you have chickens out there and rip into it. You may NEVER have a problem. When people have the money and can add a more substantial fence they do it to make extra sure that nothing will get to their chickens.

    Bury whatever wire you use at least 15 to 18 inches into the ground or make a skirt with it, laying it over the ground to keep animals from digging. Having a cover of some sort is also a great idea.

    The biggest concern is night time. So - do make sure that your coop is tight and shut up at night when your chickens are roosting. Use hardware cloth if at all possible over windows and vent openings. If you can't use hardware cloth at least use 2x4 welded or woven wire over those openings.

    As to electric wire. I'd use it in your situation if you can. I grew up with electric fencing to keep cattle in. That stuff zaps! I touched it so many times as a child - it throws a punch but unless a person has heart issues it's very, very unlikely to ever do damage to a person. The stuff you would use for a chicken coop wouldn't be that high of voltage anyway. No, you don't want a small child touching it but if they did... they'd probably only do it once and it's happened to many young children growing up on ranches. If you use it just take your children and show them that they are not to touch it. If you have one (or more) that HAVE to touch it... I still bet they only do it once.[​IMG]

    We have electric fencing right now to keep my horses/llamas in. My teenage boys also have touched it on purpose before just to 'try it out'; they've even stood in a ring and held hands with the first one touching it to see how much it zaps the third one.... I will say - it was highly entertaining to watch -- dippy boys!

    Finally, a good 'barky' watch dog is worth it's weight in gold keeping predators away at night. Depending on where you live (city or country) that may be a good solution also. My Shepherd doesn't let ANY animal on our property that doesn't belong here.

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