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    Apr 11, 2008
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    we are having to order some chicks later than we would like to, so we are afraid that they will not start laying till winter sets in.

    Anyone have any experience with Ameraucana, Welsummers, or Barred Rock chicks able to give an approx time frame of what we should expect if we get 1 day olds on June3?
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    Yep: You're looking at Christmas for eggs to start. Then they'll be 5 -6 months which is about right. Ready to lay pullets sold at your feed store are about 5 months old and kept in the dark (8 hours daylight per day I think) until they sell them. The magic is 14 hours of daylight to get birds to lay so they get that naturally when sold.

    I'd suggest you have a light on a timer for your shed/coop/barn so they get 14 hours starting in December. Set the light to come on in the morning and let the sunset drive them to roost at night.

    Want eggs sooner? Get coturnix quails: eggs hatch at 14 days and mature at 6 weeks!

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