Ready to Take a Chance Again


10 Years
Mar 18, 2009
Ok, I just quoted Barry Manilow in my title. Worse, I RECOGNIZED that I quoted Barry Manilow and wrote it anyway.

Before I explain my taking of another chance, let me explain my username. I am not a Jersey Girl. Hoboken Chicken Emergency is a book I read in 3rd grade and LOVED. Who wouldn't love a giant chicken named Henrietta who runs amok? I found HCE again as an adult and fell in love with it all over. When I needed a chicken-y name to register just now, I pounced on it.

Now back to my chance:

Two years ago I discovered that I could keep chickens in our city. 6, to be exact, with no roosters. I jumped all over my husband J to build me a coop, which he did despite having no coop building experience.
Then I ordered chicks from Cackle Hatchery. Mistake number 1, because I had to order a minimum of 15 -- and could only keep 6. I tried selling the extraneous 9 on eggbid, but kept getting non-buying bidders. I ended up giving the extras to my husband's ex. Hey, I was desperate.

The remaining chicks lived in my kitchen until they were big enough for the coop. Then the problems started. Our dog, a mini pinscher, discovered that he could get himself a chicken head dinner by luring the poor, naive things over to the wire run, then grabbing them when they poked their heads through to check him out. I went from 6 chickens to 3 in one hour. I was livid!

So the dog wasn't allowed out back anymore. Problem solved, right? Wrong. Two months later, I went out to hang laundry and found 2 more headless chickens. Apparently the neighbor's beagle had escaped and come over for a snack.

So now I was down to 1. Mind you, in all this time I have not seen a single egg. But I guarded that final chicken with my life. I reinforced the coop against dogs. I brought her into the garage for the winter. I treated her better than my children. No eggs. The next spring I took her back outside to her coop, only to find she didn't want to be there. Maybe it held bad memories for her. Who knows?

After a couple days of her trying to escape, I broke down and gave her to Dh's ex to live with her siblings, where she became a prolific egg-layer.

Dh said, "No more chickens." Dh said, "Chickens are more trouble than they're worth." I totally agreed, until a few days ago. I was browsing Ebay, and one of my favorite sellers was selling EE eggs. I tried putting it out of my mind, but all the old pro-chicken arguments came back. Including the fact that I just love chickens. It's hard to fight your feelings. So I bid and won. Thursday afternoon, I will be the proud mama of 6 eggs.

But wait--6 eggs shipped means about 3 chicks. 3 chicks means, statistically, 1-2 hens. Hmmm. So I started checking out the web (including this site) for another breed of chicken that looked appealing. I decided on bantam brown leghorns. Lo and behold, I found some on Ebay (eggs) and I just bought them.

Hopefully, my 12 eggs will amount to 3-4 chicks if my math is right, otherwise the ex has already agreed to taking the extras. But I digress. The whole point of this ramble is to introduce myself.

My name is HobokenChickenEmergency, and I need help because I don't learn from my mistakes. If you feel someone picking your brain it's probably me, trying to figure out a way to keep my chickies alive and get at least a FEW eggs.
Welcome aboard!

Glad to hear that you are jumping on the chicken train once again!

I hope your experience will be a better one this time.
Congratulations on your new eggs!! You might want to put smaller chicken wire on your coop, that way the dogs won't be having any chicken dinners! Just watch the dogs for digging! Good luck and welcome from North Carolina!!

Oh, check out some of the coop or tractor designs on here!

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