Ready to upgrade from hovabator. will be hatching geese, ducks, chickens. What to get?


7 Years
Mar 15, 2012
I had the basic styrofoam hovabator this summer and it worked fine. I wasnt impressed but I also wasn't disappointed. Now that I have hatched a few batches, I want to ask my husband to get me a nice incubator for Christmas. I have tried researching on my own but it's impossible to know with so many choices. So, I am coming to you my trusted, fellow byc-ers!

I want something less than $300.
Doesn't need to hold many eggs.
Needs to do well for hatching the 3 sebastapool eggs a friend is sending in the spring.
Has to have a built in thermometer and hydrometer.

Start telling me what to get! :p
I love my Brinseas! I have an eco and an Advanced (I also have the Hovabator Genesis) the Brinseas are easy to clean, you can leave it on the turner and not worry about a leg getting stuck (I do a lot of staggered hatches) Holds about 20 eggs but I've gotten more in if I take out the bars.
So after doing more research I am really interested in the brinsea 20 and the r com 20. I would love to hear opinions on the 2.

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