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    Hi everybody, my Mom is recovering from quadruple bypass surgery at this time. She's doing well. but what scared us is it came completely out of the blue. She thought she hurt her shoulder but it turned out to be a heart attack!!! She underwent the procedure two weeks ago this Friday. She came home yesterday and is doing pretty well.

    It was really a wake up call for our whole family. My Mom is a small little thing; 5'3", maybe 120lbs. My father and I are both pretty big guys; 6'2", 6'4; 275 and 315 respectfully. We both need to start taking care of ourselves and Mom obviously needs to as well.

    I've kind of taken up the challenge to try and serve our family with better, more nutritious food, and less fat. What I was wondering is, does anybody have a website, book, or any recipes themselves that they'd be willing to share that pertain to reduced/low fat cooking? I tried googling it and it's like a sea of adds and money making weight loss BS.

    Anything people are willing to share would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your time! [​IMG]
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    I think that the American Heart Association site either has recipes or links to reputable sites.

    Will they be hooking her up with a Nutritionist? Maybe you and Dad could go too. 3 sets of ears are better than 1 [​IMG]

    Best wishes...
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    Quote:Yes they will, but that's not for a month or so. We kind of wanted to get a little bit of a head start.
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    Quote:Good idea. The hardest part can be getting regular aerobic exercise. Maybe y'all could get into the routine of a long walk before the day starts? I have a few friends that walk almost every morning about 3 to 4 miles. Fortunately, we live very near the ocean, so we have a lot of differnt walks to choose from. Don't foget the dogs!
    Glad Mom is ok!
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    She's a nutritionist and she puts together a week's menu (6 meals) and gives you a shopping list of everything you need for those 6 meals. You buy what's on the shopping list and fix the recipes. She even includes suggestions for side dishes on the recipe and on the shopping list. She has a lot of menus to choose from and one of them is a Heart Healthy menu. Others are: Body Clutter (low carb), Regular, Cooking for 2, Vegetarian, etc, etc.

    I love using her site because you don't have to plan anything - she does all that. When you come home from the grocery store you have everything you need to make 6 meals, so no last minute trips to the store and no "cheating" with convenience food, since you have a plan.

    I'm glad your mom is on the mend and I'm glad you're taking steps to make yourself healthier.
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    Apr 13, 2008
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    Whatever happened to Dean Ornish? He used to have a few very popular cardiac rehab books.
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    Also, any diabetic cookbook will have basically the same recipes as the heart-healthy ones. Diabetics need lowfat, too.
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    Up the veggie count & health will follow! My DH was recommending vegetarian food to his patients. I told him to get a clue [​IMG] - Alot of "vegetarians" are what I call Cheeze Pizza Vegetarians. Now, he tells his patients to prepare multiple veggie servings. Gotta have ribs? Okay! But you start with a big salad - with a teensy bit of low fat dressing. The ribs are served with steamed corn. The dessert is fruit.

    I think it is great that you want to make a change. Try to make a happy change. Identify all the healthy things you like & eat them.

    Good health to you & yours in 2010. [​IMG]
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    South Beach Diet - the guy who wrote it did it for his heart patients, I think.

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