REALLY need advise, staggered hacth.

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    Ok, so I have 3 eggs that were under a broody who decided to go rogue. I put them in the incubator after 2 days without her. To my surprise they were still alive. I had already set other eggs in the incubator though. So now I have 12 eggs on day 7 and 3 on day 21 (give or take a couple.)
    My humidity is at 51%, which is higher than I usually have it, but thought it would be fine. I know it's not as high as it need to be for hatching though. Should I put a wet paper towel over the 3 eggs to up their humidity? I should add, they have been moving since Wednesday and chirping since yesterday or day before. I am worried they cannot pip?! Anyone have suggestions? I would so appreciate it!! Thanks!
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    I think if you are already at hatch day for the older eggs, you should go ahead and raise the humidity. It would only mean higher humidity for a day or 2 for the newer eggs, and that shouldn't hurt them. During the first 18 days of incubation, you want the humidity lower so the air cells can develop. Raising it for such a short time shouldn't affect that very much. Your bigger concern right now is making sure the humidity is high enough for the eggs that are about to pip, so they don't shrink wrap.

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