*REALLY NEED HELP* Temp spike on day 18


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I'll try to make this short..

I have a hovabator 1588 with turner that have two sets of eggs in it. First set is on day 18 today, the other set isnt due to hatch until next Saturday(3rd). Well I made a homemade bator and have had it running for the past few weeks. Ive had to tweek with it some here and there, but finally got it where I wanted it. Its been running fine for the past week. Well I was about to transfer the eggs earlier and saw that my homemade bator was at 103F. I have three different thermometers in there and they all have around the same temp. I have those ones that give you an inside and outside reading. And I have all three setting inside the bator. I didnt do anything to the bator. Nobodys been here to mess with it and I havent touched it. All of a sudden it wants to go crazy on me.

What should I do? Ive turned the thermostat down some and trying to get a current reading on it. But I hate to transfer them over to the homemade one if the temps are still too high. Should I just leave them in the havabator? And take out the three rows of the turner that Set #1 are on and let them hatch with my other set?

What should I do?
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The outside temp's are running around 103-106. And the inside temp's(sensor inside of wigglers) are running around 100-104. Its been that way the past couple of hours. I had to turn down the thermostat again and the light finally went off. So we'll see where the temps are now. But I cant mess with it too much, because I have to get the eggs in there tonight.
Okay what do you think I should do? Chance it and put them in the homemade bator? Or leave them in with the other eggs and take out a few rows from the egg turner? So Set #1 isnt being turned, but Set #2 still is.

I cant wait till I get my other hovabator so I wont have to worry about this mess!
I'm not sure, they could get stuck in the turner if they hatch in with it. Maybe since they are on day 18, you could take out the turners, then get the other incubator stablilized by tomorrow then put them in it.??? That might work.
if your homemade bator that you want to use for a hatcher is still air then you want to have about 102 for a temp if it has a circulating fan then you want it closer to 99.5. which type did you make?
I have a forced air bator. I used a PC fan. The only thing with taking the turner out is that the other set of eggs wont be turning. I leave the house at 5:30 in the morning and dont get home until 5 or so. I wouldnt be able to mess with the therm. either. There are some Araucana eggs in with Set #1 and I dont want to lose them.
What is your humidity running at in the homemade one?? Maybe if it is to high it is running the temp up.?? I don't know what to tell you . Maybe it will stablize by morning and you could more batch 1 to it before you leave for work.
If it were me I would move the eggs to the hatcher and monitor the temps overnight. just putting the eggs in will absorb a portion of the heat. right now you are just heating the inside of the hatcher so the temp will be a little high I bet if you put the eggs in there the temp will drop closer to what you want due to the eggs absorbing the heat. The more eggs you have the higher you need to have the thermostat to mantain the proper temps, for example if you were hatching a batch of 6 eggs your thermostat knob would be lower to mantain 99.5 than if you were hatching 24 eggs. hope this make sense good luck.

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