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Hello, the problem i have is that my bantam hen is sitting on 10 eggs right now and it is day 17. The coop that she is in while sitting on her nest is about 2 1/2 to 3 ft. off the ground. Can yall please advise me as to what i should do about the baby chicks being that high off the ground? will the momma only take them down the board when they are ready?, and another thing, my chickens free range and i lock them up at night, will the babies be allright out of the coop rangeing with their momma? or should i cage them up with the momma. i am sorry for rambling ,but have never hatched chickens before i just want them to be OK. i sure do hope to get at least a 50% hatch cause my little hen sure is doing a great job
Hi, I just went through the same thing just 4 weeks ago! I can't give advice on the nest my little hen hid hers under our home. But, yea they can free range with mama. She most likely will take them out at about a week old. Mine did. I caught her bringing them out and scooped them up and put them in the run. But, I would think about it if I had cats though. My cat tried her best but came up against a VERY unamused mama! Scared her silly!
Thank you. They are just fine they are sebright and domonique crosses. It will be interesting to see the color pattern. They seem to be turning out the same color as the domonique(i probably spelled that wrong). Hope to figure out the sexes soon. I think they are already smarter than the ones I got from the hatchery. I have three red stars, 6 australorps, 2 new hampshires, 2 buff brahma standards, one gentlemanly domonique (pete), and two sebrights hens. I know how excited you are! Me and my daughter did our egg hatching countdown on a calendar! I hope everything turns out!
Mama will probably keep them in for a few days and then call them outside with her. Eventually they will listen and follow her. Getting them back inside the first few days after that might be a problem. Feel free to help her with them and scoop them up and return them to the coop.
I was recently surprised to find my broody had coaxed her 2 week old chicks UP the high ramp to the nesting box for the night, even inside the coop. Previously she had kept them in the corner of the coop at night.
It's amazing the things the little guys can scale. Mine made it up our short, steep ramp to the coop tonight for the first time. They are a week old. Before they were able to manage the ramp, mama slept in a box under the coop with the babies.
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