Really noisy today

If it's their first time free ranging, I'd guess they are being noisy to keep in contact with their flock as they explore new things.
My chickens are behaving strangely today. Very quiet and spending alot of time going to their oil gland to groom themselves. I think they sense the coming storm we are suppose to get this afternoon.
OK that was what I thinking but my mom (who will have nothing to do with my farm she is a city person)was worried that they were hurt and she wanted me to make sure. I went out and looked around all were present so i figured they were talking to each other. Thanks
Something else. Do you have a rooster free ranging with them? I learned real quick the different noises my rooster makes when there's trouble while free ranging. Now I can sit in the house and mostly ignore their noises, but if I hear him make certain distressed sounds I get out there quick to see what's going on.

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