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    Okay here we go: It is a hatchery Easter Egger. I think it has internal laying, as it lost tons of weight, stopped laying eggs, and had yolk-colored poop. I moved her to my greenhouse after that, and temps in there are about 35 at a minimum. But now there's more.
    One of her feet started getting black months ago, and yesterday I noticed that she only had a blood stained leg and only 1 toe. And it seems like her other foot is starting to get black on it too. Is there anything I can be doing? She wants to live, she eats and drinks plenty.
    And I'm not sure if anyone would do this, but here's a statement. Please don't say anything along the lines of "You should've said something sooner." I have some huge larger-than-chicken problems right now, so just nothing like that please. I just want to help her as much as I can.
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    As sad as it is sometimes the right thing to do is to put them down.
    I do not know about internal laying or the blackened feet.
    If you can get pictures of the feet that will most certainly allow people to narrow down the possibilities.

    Best wishes

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    It sounds like the feet have been frostbitten, and it can take several weeks to see the full extent of injury when toes or feet can fall off. I would apply some betadine to the feet and toes to help prevent infection. If it is possible to bring her inside, epsom salt soaks to the feet could be done daily. As for the yolk colored droppings, you may be right about internal laying. The outcome of that usually isn't good. Picture of droppings and the feet would help.
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    What http://21hens said is probably best. My guess on the feet, is severe frostbite if you had the deep freeze we've been getting. I read about a rooster who's feet fell off from that and he was getting around on stumps last I saw. Idk if there's anything to be done about internal laying. Someone else might or maybe that's the reason she said to put the hen down.

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