8 Years
Feb 18, 2011
So my coop and run are done, the run ended up being about 156 sqft. We have a flock of 8 and it seems good for them. I read on here that you only need to have 10 sqft per bird, so actually my run could support 15!!??? It seems like having twice as many birds in there would be WAY too crowded .... am I doing the math wrong?
10 sq ft/bird for a run area seems to be what everyone is saying. If you figured width x length then you calculated correctly. Guess that means you NEED more chickens. Have a great time with your flock
It's a very generalized average. A lot depends on whether your birds are Bantams or Large Fowl, and also what breed they are - some breeds are much more active than others. Your rooster to hen ratio can also factor in. And is your coop within the 156 sq. ft, or outside the dimensions? And how much time do they spend outside in the run vs. inside the coop?

So you can see housing for every flock can vary. You always want to be on the side of giving them more rather than less space, and if yours are comfortable and happy, then you should be, too!
No, it does NOT mean you need more chickens.

It means your chickens will have more room and be happier and more relaxed, and YOU will probably also be more happier and more relaxed because of less sanitation/smell/flies problems, than if you had given them less space.

How crowded is "too crowded" is very much a matter of taste (within certain broad limits, that is). If you think twice as many chickens would be an awful lot in that size space, rest assured there ARE many on BYC who feel the same way as you

(To be fair, a lot also depends on your climate and coop and what your *particular* flock is like, as well as what sort of other entertainment you can arrange for them)

JMHO, good luck, have fun, do not feel that you need to compete with anyone else for 'who has the most chickens' LOL,

Dear Patandchickens,
Who said anyone is competing for the most chickens? So SORRY you took the post the wrong way as I was trying to be funny.!!! I always tell my husband I NEED more chickens only because I like them and would like to have more.
I think the 4/10 numbers are more in the way of minimums. I don't think it means the coop or run will be generously sized or roomy at those stocking levels.
thanks for all the feedback...
I really don;t want anymore chickens right now, but I do like the idea that I MAY be able to add to my flock at a later date.

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