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If you are new to Realm of the Ninja, go to:

Welcome to the shops, located in the Villages near the Town Hall! We have all the merchandise you could ask for, from swords to potions to clothes to shields to enchantments to rubber duckies! Just have a look around and see what you want! If you like an item and it's not out, just ask if you can buy it! If I approve, then make sure to update your character on the character sheet(found in my signature) subtracting the money you spent from your current account. Enjoy!!! ~note: the higher priced weapons give you more strength~
#d=doubloon cost (#)=quantity available
katana - 3d (10)
curved katana - 4d (8)
twin katanas - 6d (3)
large blade - 8d (3)
chisled sword - 6d (3)
dagger - 3d (10)
small knife - 1d (50)

Elemental Swords: (These weapons are given the power to strengthen your elemental powers)
sword of fire - 20d (2)
sword of lightning - 20d (2)
sword of slime - 20d (2)
sword of ice - 20d (2)
sword of creation - 20d (2)
sword of destruction - 20d (2)
sword of darkness - 20d (2)
sword of earth - 20d (2)
sword of light - 20d (2)
sword of water - 20d (2)
sword of energy - 20d (2)
sword of wind - 20d (2)
sword of shadows(very rare!) - 50d (1)

Other Weapons and Tools:
Shovel - 2d (5)
Ax - 4d (5)
Pickaxe - 5d (5)
mace - 5d (10)
large mace - 10d (3)
spear - 8d (4)
large spear - 12d (2)
lance - 3d (5)
small shield - 5d (3)
large shield - 10d (2)
XL shield - 15d (1)
saw - 6d (2)
rubber duckie(has suprising effects; use it on greymon's master and see what happens to him!) - 100d (1)

(other potions and equipment will be coming soon, but for now, ENJOY!!)

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