Reasonable plan....extra roos?


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Jul 25, 2011
Franklinton, NC
I just finished processing my first set of Cornish X. I love the idea of raising my own meat but they were SO gross. I have curious about dual purpose birds....there are always ads on craigslist for free roosters. The one I saw this morning is for 3 Barnevelder roos that are 4 months old. I have a separate pen/tractor I can keep them in...feed them high protein feed for another 2 months then send them to freezer camp.

Does that sound right? Dual purpose typically take 6 months right? They would need the high protein but wouldn't be crazy eaters like the cornishX.
Sounds like a good plan. This will give you an idea of whether you like meat from non x birds. I agree about the cornish cross. UGH! I am breeding buckeyes now, specifically for meat AND eggs. They make awesome roasters! Much tastier than cornish x, with all the cool chicken behavior, like roosting!
I often get extra roos from people who know I will be eating them - actually going tomorrow to get a a bunch of banties and a large year old roo from someone I picked up from last year.

The main thing to remember with getting excess chickens from others is to maintain separation from your flock - which includes things from space, feed, and down to your clothing. Free chicken is great until it wipes out your flock with a disease your flock isn't exposed to. I've never had this occur, but I'm pretty intense about keeping new birds well away from my own flock. I even have a separate pair of boots that I wear to different farms that will never go near my coop or birds
I also process same day or within a day or two of picking up from a different place.
Something you may want to consider in addition to Booker81's advise about biosecurity, most people giving away roosters are doing so b/c they can't have them and aren't up to processing them, there may be children involved. I wouldn't lie about my purpose for them, but I wouldn't say unless specifically asked, they may appreciate having plausable deniability to their children.
Thanks for the tips! I have a pen that is off to the side that is perfect for 3-4 birds. I planned on keeping them in quarantine in that pen until it was time to process.

There are tons of ads that say they want their roosters to go to a non-dinner home and I don't plan on contacting them. I will answer if directly asked but otherwise will do my best to be aware of children's feelings.
Good point - when getting roos and excess birds, I only mention my purpose to the adult on the phone or email, to verify my intent. When picking up, I follow the initial person's lead - many times they've told their kids that their chickens will go to my farm to live. I'll leave the parenting up to them. Some people know what I'm going to do but don't like to talk about it, so I don't discuss their chickens, I'll talk about my layers with them.

It is a hard choice for some people to give up their excess chickens to someone who will be eating them, but I've found tact and friendliness go a long way - which might be why I now have repeat "customers" who call me with extra birds to give me for free

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