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How old is the bird? How many other birds do you have? And probably most importantly, how much SPACE do they all have and what is in that space?
I would start by keeping the integratee in a large wire dog crate wrapped in chicken wire so the other birds cannot reach in to peck it but can see and hear it. This is the "look-don't-touch" portion of the integration and you should do this for about 2 weeks.
During this time, you need to try to make as much space for the flock as possible. If you don't free range, expand the run size shooting for 20 or more sq ft per bird in the space. Add lots of perches, pallets, old wood chairs, wood saw horses, anything you can find that could be used to fly up on or dig around or hide behind.
After the two weeks is over, let the little one out to get to know the space for an hour or so. Then let the other birds in and stay to supervise. As long as the little one can run away and hide from the others and isn't actually cornered and attacked, they will eventually integrate. It takes months to fully integrate.
Good luck.

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