Reassure me - less movement, no noise


Apr 18, 2016
On day 20 of lockdown and I'm seeing my eggs move less and less. No internal pips that I'm aware of because I'm not hearing any peeping.

***Reassure me it's because they're growing to capacity and just don't have the room to wiggle anymore because my nerves are shot.***

I'm not sure why I'm fueling my anxiety with thoughts they should be bopping around and making all kinds of noise from the time lockdown starts until the time they bonus points for sharing what day your hatches pipped internally and gave you some hope they were still alive......


Crossing the Road
7 Years
Sep 29, 2014
New Zealand
The eggs wiggle as the chick turns to get into the correct position for hatching. Then they'll go quiet, pip internally, sit like that for around 24 hours, then externally pip, make you wait another 24 hours (on average) as they absorb the remains of the yolk and blood that's been coursing through the membrane, then they'll be ready to unzip and enter the world. It's an important process so have patience. But yes, it's very stressful for us waiting and hoping something will hatch! :lol:

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