Received my 4 babies yesterday! :)


5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
Central Florida
My 4 babies are from, and they are: a Buff Orpington, Silk Laced Wyandotte, a White Leghorn, and a Welsummer. So cute!

No, they were all chirping away. When I got home from the post office, I dipped all their little beaks into the water & the food, and then they all started to eat & drink by themselves.

Last night I gave them a couple of dried meal worms, and they ran around chasing each other, trying to steal them from the other chicks, though there were plenty to go around.

This afternoon they went outside on the grass for the first time, and they were so excited, pecking away at the grass & the dirt. They were all running around, and then all of a sudden, they all just collapsed into "nap time", and five minutes later, they were all running around again! :)
Did you find any dead or dying ones once you received them? (interested in ordering from this hatchery)
I got 10 chicks from My Pet Chicken a little over a week ago. They had to go from Ohio to Tennessee. I guess it will be a bit further if your getting them sent to Alaska. I paid for Express shipping which was a bit pricey but they left late morning or so on Wednesday and were at my post office Thursday morning around 0800 for me to pick up. They flew on plane too. All arrived very active and healthy and have at least doubled in size.
I am just so surprised how fast they are growing, even though it has only been one week!

Can anyone tell me when I can put them into their chicken coop? My husband is still working on it, but he said he just needs two more weekends to finish it.


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