Recent Hatch: What could this be?


9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
I had a recent hatch on the overnight, and I noticed one of the chicks has a "cyst like" object protruding from her rear. Does anyone have any ideas as to what it might be? Also, any ideas as to a course of action? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Unfortuntely the other chick is starting to peck at it. I'll try to get a better pic.
Keep it moist with vaseline, and keep the other chicks away, they will kill the little bird by ripping it open. If you can, keep it moist, so it doesnt dry up and stick to a surface, when the chick lays down to sleep, vaseline works well. The chicks body may absorb it yet, but sadly most of the time these little guys just dwindle and pass away in thier sleep. I have had one or two survive, but not often.

It is caused generally by some sort of incubator issue. Some one may have a trouble shooting guide handy, I dont, sorry.

Good luck!
They will pick at it and make it bleed or rupture best to isolate it and put it on clean paper towels not litter. If it is unhealed navel it will most likely heal. If unabsorbed yolk sac it is a little harder to heal/absorb after hatching.
Here is a better pic:


I separated the other chick that was bothering it. I currently have the sick chick in the bastor and I'll give the vaseline a shot. The question I have is how should I access and treat without risking the other eggs? (currenlty have 8 other waiting to hatch). My plans is to eventually remove her from the bator and isolate her long term once she fluffs up. Thanks for everyones help. First time with the bator and boy is it addicting!!
If it were me I would take it out as bacteria in an incubator is more likely to increase than out. It will help it and reduce bacteria in the incubator. Just do it quickly to prevent humidity changes.
Thanks for all the input. The little one has been isolated, vaseline applied and hopefully we'll have a happy outcome.

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