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    Hey! I've been around, posting like crazy, but I don't think I ever introduced myself and my chickens!


    I'm Bailee, but you all can call me "Reckless" or "Reck".. it's an online nickname. :p
    (Yes, I am holding a taxidermy fox in that picture, I did not mount him myself, if you have question about him feel free to ask.)

    I just recently got into chickens, earlier this year. I've had lots of other pets but never birds until now. I absolutely love them! I'm twenty years old as of July 24, and love animals. I really want to do something as a career with animals... what- I don't know yet, but I also want to do taxidermy!

    Well.. let's get to the flock!
    Currently, my main flock contains these birds:

    Olive, RSL, currently laying.
    Very friendly (with humans), treat-obsessed, and jumps on my hand when I hold it out.

    Mallow, RSL, currently laying.
    Pretty friendly, great snuggler, formerly 3rd in the pecking order- now the bottom.

    Teasel, RSL, not laying yet.
    Very friendly, loves treats and attention. Been having bullying issues. Used to be low on the pecking order, now higher up.

    Nettle, RSL, currently laying.
    Pretty friendly, does the egg squats a lot, also having aggression issues. Loves her waddles pet though!

    Laurel, Australorp, not laying yet.
    A fantastic snuggler and second in command in the pecking order. Kind of peck-y but not mean towards us.

    Berzillia, Barred Rock, not laying yet.
    Hard to catch, but very easy to handle. Bottom of the pecking order, but above Mallow. Newest addition to this flock.

    Lotus, Easter Egger, not laying yet.
    Pretty skittish but easy to handle once you catch her. Top of the pecking order, kind of a spaz/bully.
    Second flock, to incorporate them into the main flock when old enough.

    Willow, splash silkie rooster.
    A bit wary of humans and very loud when startled. Pretty friendly for a rooster though! Seems like he'll be a good roo.

    Gracey, blue/black silkie, sex unknown.
    Very docile in comparison to the silkie roosters. Sounds and looks a lot like a hen. Easy to handle and interact with.

    Sunflower, partridge silkie pullet.
    Very calm, docile, and sweet. Trills a lot and is generally just a joy to have around. She is the newest chicken overall!
    And now for my single pet chicken!

    Albedo, white silkie rooster.
    The first one to show he was a rooster- look at those waddles and comb! Very sweet but not as friendly as a pullet.
    Can free-range without a problem- never goes far. Fantastic snuggler.

    And now, for my former chickens..

    Roan, Rhode Island Red rooster.
    I heard RIR roos were pretty aggressive so we traded him in for an ISA Brown hen..

    ISA Brown pullet.
    She turned out to very extremely aggressive towards my chickens so we took her back.

    Dahlia, Barred Rock rooster.
    We didn't plan on having any roosters at all at first because we are not free-ranging, so we traded him in for Berzillia.

    These were our first two chickens.. meat chickens :(
    We knew they couldn't live proper happy lives so we had them processed. We couldn't do it ourselves.

    Ivy, Cornish Rock, eaten already.

    Iris, Cornish Rock, in freezer to be eaten.
    I have other animals too!

    Kiba, Shiba Inu, Male, 7 years in Nov.
    Lazy, fearful of people and many other things. Intense prey drive. Counter-surfer!

    Natasha, female, 3-4 years old. Former stray.
    Named after Black Widow from Marvel/Avengers. Nervous of new people but very sweet and loving to those she knows and loves.

    Pepper, female, 2-3 years old. Former stray.
    Named after Pepper Potts from Iron Man. Can be skittish but fantastic to nap with. Loves her belly pet.

    Solara, Mini Rex mix, female, almost 4 years old. From Humane Society.
    Named after character in The Book of Eli. Can be sweet but generally unfriendly and skittish. :(

    Sabriel, Dutch, male, almost 4 years old. From Humane Society.
    Very friendly and sweet, craves human attention. Broke his front left leg once. Great snuggler!

    Silas, Chinchilla/Flemish Giant, male, 5 years old. From Humane Society.
    Very friendly and snuggly. Lazy, loves every animal and person. Big 12lb grandpa bun who loves attention!
    And... on July 14, I lost my dog, Lady.

    She was 16 years old- I got her when I was 4-5 so I have never really known a life without her until now. She was a pitbull/chow/australian cattle dog mix and was like a sister to me. She had to be put down after a seizure affected her life dramatically, we didn't want her to suffer. I love and miss her a lot but I know it was time.

    Way back when,

    A month or so before she had to be put down:

    Lady was the greatest sister ever.

    Her and Kiba used to share this bed together...

    And now Kiba lays with enough room for Lady to join him.

    I got some of her fur and a pawprint from her.

    And made a necklace with some of the fur.

    I miss her every day. Sorry this didn't mean to turn into a "rest in peace!" post! Just wanted to share :)
    Anyway, I believe that is all.

    If you want to see more pics of anything (ranging from my pets, me, my taxidermy collection..) just ask, I don't mind :) Same with questions!

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    Thank you everyone! Sorry for taking so long to respond! [​IMG]
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