Recommendation for where to get hatching eggs

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    My daughters 4H group is planning on hatching eggs in the late winter/early spring. We figuring need to get popular breeds. Maybe things like Wyandottes and Easter Eggers so that they can find homes for them more easily. The point of the project will really be to experience and study the hatching process.

    I'm guessing to do this fairly reasonably (cost wise) they will need to get the eggs from a hatchery. Can anyone who has ordered eggs from a hatchery let me know which one and what their experience was.
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    BYC has a Buy/Sell/Trade section for hatching eggs. You will see listings for hatching eggs posted by other BYC members. Here's a link:

    Have you hatched eggs before? If not, than try to find local eggs. Ask around and check out your local craigslist ads. Shipped eggs can be hatched, but they are much more difficult. Even if the eggs arrive in tact, candling them usually reveals air cells that are dislocated or even ruptured. Shipped eggs aren't impossible, but they much more difficult and it's not uncommon for experienced hatchers to end up with 0% rates because of the damage caused by shipping.

    Another place that you could find shipped eggs is ebay. Type in the name of a breed and "hatching eggs" and usually many listings will appear.

    I just did a quick search for hatcheries, Murray McMurray Hatchery sells hatching eggs and their assortments are $45+ for 10 eggs. They sell red sex-link eggs at $30 for 3 eggs. Usually you can find eggs from breeders for a much cheaper price. Also, breeders usually have better quality birds and will take better care of the eggs.
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