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Mar 30, 2013
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I have been getting very confused, some threads/people say humidity 55% some say 75- 80% for lockdown (I've seen other numbers too) ..... Can I get a vote on WHAT % humidity works best for you during the lockdown/hatch phase???

I'm due to lock down tomorrow for my first hatch and the more I read the more I get confused on what is the 'right' temp/humidity for those last few days??

Thank you in advance for your time to give me some input.
Thank you very much for the reply. I have seen so many different numbers and know too much humidity increases the chance of them drowning but not enough humidity and the risk of shrink wrap goes up. My hatcher that I'm testing has been stable at 70% so I will keep an eye on it and use that as my goal. Thanks again.
I wish you good luck with your first hatch! I am on my second hatch now and have the same question you do. Also, when my chicks began hatching the first time, I had read that the humidity would go up, but mine when up so much that the chicks wouldn't even dry! I have a still air Little Giant (probably part of the problem
) and at lockdown my humidity had been around 80%. I wound up having to take the chicks out and dry them with the blow dryer before putting them in the brooder. I don't know if that's "okay" or not, but they weren't drying and I was freaking out, worrying about the humidity being too high for the ones that hadn't hatched yet...ugh! So stressful LOL

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