Record Keeping OCD or Common?


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Jan 8, 2011
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I just got a new batch of chicks and decided to start a flock record. I had my DDs help me do a photo shoot of each chick and record characteristics of each (green legs, blue eyes, # of toes, etc...) I also recorded date received, ages, and seller info. The plan is to be able to tell the birds apart and document any illnesses or problems they may have in the future. I have a small flock of non-SQ birds and do not plan to sell chicks.

I am being told that this is "over the top" and that I probably need meds.

Does anyone else do this or do I need one of those special jackets that make you "hug" yourself?
I know some BYC folks you would find remarkably like yourself. I bet they will find you....

Now, me..... I am nothing like that. I have trouble remembering from where and whom I bought eggs, much less what breeds actually hatched. Who cares? They're ALL cute! I usually cannot sex them until they either crow or lay eggs. Ask me when they hatched? Uhhh... not too long ago, some time ago, or over a year ago.

BUT DO NOT CONSIDER ME THE NORM!! Far from it! I'm pretty darned far on one or the other side of most bell curves!
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I would never remember either. Considering I only have two modes, obsessively organized or complete chaos, I decided to go with the one that would be most beneficial to the chickens. Working in the medical field got me into the habit of documenting everything. You have to be able to cover your butt if something goes wrong.

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