Recruiting interested people for an open source project - Hatchery OS

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Hello everyone,

I am recruiting people for an Open Source project - Hatchery Order System or Hatchery OS.

I have seen a empty space in website software that is designed for hatcheries. I am looking for interested people would be willing to help out with the following areas
  • Coding (PHP/JS/CSS/ etc)
  • Design & Development (CSS/JS/ etc)
  • Documentation
  • Wording of the main website.

I have secured the domain

The goal of this project will be to produce an Open source (free to download and use) that is easy to set up (think Wordpress installation easy) that is user friendly and makes setting up a website for poultry easy.

The features that Hatchery OS will include (as long as I can get another PHP developer)

  • Online Ordering System
  • Scheduled Hatch dates
  • Blog
  • Content Management Systems
  • RESTful API for integration into potential desktop & mobile apps

We will be using the Laravel php framework. Bootstrap 3, and jQuery - I want to worry about developing the application and not the libraries that are needed to run it.

Coding will be done using (Realtime webbased IDE) and it is free for Open Soruce applications.

If you are a developer in another language interested in developing a mobile app or desktop app please get in touch with me! The more helpers I can get the faster we can move this along :)

If you are interested in helping out you can reply to this thread or send an email to [email protected]

* I am unsure of the exact license that this will be published under at this time. It will be an OS license though *

And if you don't have a clue what any of this mean and are still interested please contact me anyways It's all about learning

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