Recurrence of wry neck with egg laying


Apr 30, 2020
Gumby Leghorn was severely wry necked from a hatchling. After weeks of Vitamin E supplementation and TLC, she overcame it and is now with my other 2 pullets. Looking at her you wouldn't know she ever had a problem. At 5 and 1/2 months (Dec. 10), she began laying and has has laid a perfect egg every day since. After her first 5 or 6 eggs, I noticed her head twisting more. Last week, her head fell over backwards as she took a drink, which I haven't seen since she was a few weeks old. I immediately began supplementing her with Vit. E again. This seems to be helping so far. It dawned on me that she's not getting fresh grass anymore, so there's a decrease in her E right there.

Has anyone seen a correlation like this? I can only guess that the egg production is depleting her system enough to cause her to regress.
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