Recurrent chicken you have them?


12 Years
Jul 4, 2007
Alright, I have serious recurrent chicken dreams. They are usually not pleasant. I'm always being overrun with too many hens, loud chickens, chickens wandering onto neighbors' properties, neighbors discovering that I'm mentally ill and sleeping in the henhouse, me having a flock of strange chickens at my parents' house, chickens getting loose and then multiplying, too many eggs, strange hens sneaking into the coop and laying extra eggs, and the other night, chicken cannibalism. One of my not-so-favorite hens was eating two of my other hens in this dream and it was just gross and disturbing. I woke up and was just SO mad at her! I usually wake up glad I was only dreaming!!

Anyone else have this problem? Or just chicken dreams in general? I always wonder what my subconcious mind is trying to tell me. Maybe I just have too many translation needed!! LOL.
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I used to have them alot when the chooks were little. Don't have them so much anymore, although last night I did have a chicken dream that was very similiar to yours. Chickens and ducks everywhere!
My chicken dreams aren't bad, I just am carrying a chicken around spreading feathers. The feathers float all around the chicken & I, looking very pretty (Splash Orpington). That's the only chicken dream I remember. I wish all my dreams were that nice! Theresa

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