Recurrent, persistent vent gleet?

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7 Years
Jun 18, 2012
Littleton, MA
Hi everyone,
I have a Buff Orpington that seemed to have vent gleet recently. She had a "racing stripe" down her butt, and would do things like sit in the pine shavings rather than roost. So I put her in quarantine, gave her some epsom salts in water, trimmed off the poo, and gave her yogurt daily. After 5 days I put her back out with the others, and everyone was fine. I started giving them all yogurt in the morning now also. (I've always put ACV in their water as well). Last night, I peeked in on them before shutting the coop door, and her butt is covered in poo again. Can vent gleet come back even after all that treatment? Is there something else it could be? Any ideas on what else I should do?
She probably just has a fuzzy rear end, and needs it trimmed once a month. I have a couple of blue wheaten ameraucanas that are like that. Does she actually have vent gleet (foul smell with oozing white liquid out of the vent, and reddened area around vent?) Since it is a symptom of something else going on (perhaps sour crop or illness) you can treat with Nystatin, available by prescription from a vet or Medistat, the same drug for pigeons available online. Everything else you are doing sounds good.
According to an article I read written by a vet, vent gleet can be caused by parasites, bacteria infections and fungal infections.

I didn't see any discharge or redness when I first noticed the issue, but there was a sickly sweet smell in the coop, which I read is from gleety poop. That's gone away. I'll check for discharge/redness when I get home tonight. Her butt is fuzzy, but no fuzzier than the other chickens I have, but if I have to trim it, I'll trim it. Maybe I'll look into the Medistat if it keeps up.

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