Recycled items for a coup!


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6 Years
Mar 10, 2013
Martinez, CA
I finally finished our coop. Please tell me what you think!!! Everything is recycled from a different place. I think the front (where the nesting boxes are) looks like a children's lemonade stand, so I'm going to paint it to look like an "eggs for sale" stand and make a little fabric awning.
All the wood paneling is from a torn down fence and shed.
The structural items are metal arch trellus I got at a tag sale (5 of them).
The door was used to display seating arrangements from my sister's wedding.
The ladder is made from left over pieces of 2x2.
The water jug is an old cat litter container with poultry nipples hung from my old hummingbird feeder chain.
The roosting bar is made from an old broomstick.
The food is hung from an unused tri-basket fruit holder.
The only thing new was the chicken wire.


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