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7L Farm

9 Years
Jul 22, 2010
Anderson, Texas
Went fishing down on the coast & found some big bad arse bamboo.I need some more places for my quail to hang out & thought these would be perfect. They would work good for any bird there about 6 inches in diameter.The price was right & the fishin
g was good to boot.
If they are really 6 inches in diameter, I think (dunno, still very much behind on actual experience) that would be too big. But probably you mean the circumference--the measurement around the outside, like how you would measure for a belt or bracelet--which I would think would be an ideal size. Nice find!

I plan to do similarly with the ash saplings we are thinning out back. (If the emerald ash borer kills all our ashes, we're gonna have one naked backyard!)

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