red ants! ouch! help!

Coming from the deep south, I hear your pain. Lol.

I used biological warfare on the monsters. I found another nest and took a shovelful of that nest to the offending nest. Battle ensued, nest died.

Fyi. Make sure you use sticky side out tape around the shovel handle. Above that, between the tape and your hand, I spray liquid Teflon.

You can also use borax on an ate nest, but then you have to keep the chickens away from the borax and the dirt it touched.
I've got a red ant problem. Just in the pen. Any advise?
If the area was dry, and I had an ant nest in my chicken pen, I would get a LOT of DE (Diatomaceous Earth) and pile it up on the ant's nest. It is only effective when dry -- getting it wet will 'ruin' it. DE has microscopic sharp edges that cut into the insect's exoskeleton - when that is pierced, they will dehydrate and die.

Here is one link with some info:

It is harmless to pets, chickens, the environment etc. -- You can find it at some feed stores, at some garden stores etc. Sometimes it isn't easy to find. Use 'food grade' -- I always get the white and keep it on hand.

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Get a jug of Amdro Fire Ant Bait.

Get a milk crate or large collander

Disturb mound to rile them up, then Sprinkle amdro on top of mound

Cover mound with milk crate or collander so chickens can't get to it.

Wait 24 hours, mound will be dead.

Take a shovel and remove the amdro you sprinkled on the mound.

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