red come and go?


10 Years
Mar 14, 2009
central MN
I have a buff brahma that is a little over nine weeks and when he/she is running around her face and comb and waddles get really pink then I'll pick her up and she will sit and relax on my lap and start dozing off and all her pink just disappears!!! It really just goes away right before your eyes, Is that common? this is the only chick that I notice that does this but I'm also a newbie owner this is my first batch. She is a confusing lil' thing most people thought she was a she when I posted it over on the breed board and then her pink throws me for a loop but now it will be gone at different times of the day.... crazy sweet lil chick of mine!!!
I was wondering the same thing! when mine are outside running around my buffs are way more red. and then when they are calmed down etc they are barely as red as before!

I want to know!
They love you! When a chicken is relaxed and at ease their facial color is usually much lighter. My mom's pet chicken, when i was growing up, always got really light pink or even yellowish in the face when my mom was holding her. Have you noticed if they are miffed or hurrying it gets fire engine red...

ETA: It's gotta be a blood flow thing.
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