Red dots on hen's foot?


11 Years
Dec 29, 2008
Orange County, New York
Hello! ICU is very full here...dealing with bumblefoot, mites, and leg mites. Yippie. But now I figure I should stop letting things surprised me. Pretty sure I've seen it all.

I have two birds with bumblefoot separated at the moment. They have been for over a month. I've been using the tri-neo treatment and have no real complaints-aside that it takes forever to get the job done. But after cutting my birds' feet open myself, and having all attempts fail, this was it.

My Polish took to the tri-neo quickly. With both birds, I clean the feet off with soap, soak the feet in Epsom salts and water for 5 min, then soak in tri-neo for 5-7 min. After, I dry, apply Neosporin, then vet-wrap. Then repeat in a day or every other day. Lately, I've been getting sloppy with my Polish and may just clean and soak in salts, then put on the Neosporin because she is a quick healer.

Now the pads of her feet are a tiny bit red, but otherwise, no swelling (not that there ever was-we caught the bumblefoot before that could happen). Where the plugs were there is only a small indentation, but it seems to be slowly going away. Her buddy is taking much longer. But I think she's getting there. But just when I thought the Polish was almost ready to be outside again, I found these small dots on her FOOT. Not FEET. Just one foot. Found them roughly a week ago. I put neosporin on then covered them up, not thinking much of it. They were about the size of a needle's point and were red. A few in between her 4th toe and her 3rd. And then one in between the 3rd and 2nd. They aren't on her toe-pad, they are on the 'top'. A week later, and they are not gone. They might have gotten worse.

Bird is in no pain. She is walking just fine, eating and drinking normally, and seems in good spirits, if not a bit depressed from being inside. She is about 2 and a half years old. She recently stopped/slowed down laying her eggs and is moulting. She has no leg mites on her and we've been dusting her for mites regularly. (She has been kept well away from the flock enough to not catch their mites.) Her cage-mate has none of these dots. They have been living in the same cage, exposed to the same things for well over a month now. Is this hormonal? Could this be because of any elements she's exposed to? Treatment?

I feel like I've been spending so much of my time here on this section on BYC lately.

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