Red in front of the.... rooster???


8 Years
Oct 8, 2011
White Church Missouri
I have an OEGB Self Blue Roo in with hens. He is sweet and has never come after me. I catch him about every day and hold him... He talks to me but is always ready to go back to his hens. This morning like every morning I fed them. I made a mix this morning (chops, all grain and breeder food) as a treat and put it in a bigger red coffee can. I usually use a small red coffee can. I opened the cage and went to pour and wam! he nailed the can and scared the crap out of me! He obviously did not like the large can in his cage! I put the can down and caught him.... he was the sweet little boy as usual! Note to self... leave the big cans in the barn...


I thought it was funny. He did NOT want that big red thing in his cage. I guess he thinks it was bigger then him and it needed to be put in it's place... out of his cage. I will go back to using the small red can.....


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