Red Junglefowl (love, live, learn)

Mary Jackson

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Oct 26, 2020
Okay, so it all started when I rescued a red junglefowl for a friend. I knew nothing about this breed, the first night I had this Hen, she flew high into a tree to sleep, this freaked me out but she was so high that there was nothing I could do. So, my husband said you are just going to have to see what happens. So, she lived but was a wild thing, then she went broody and she had not made friends with any of our other Hens, we named her LuLu. Next we got some eggs that were fertile for her to hatch, so to not be alone. So, we found she was a wonderful mom and by a true accident the eggs she hatched were her breed red junglefowl, I could hardly believe it and still knew nothing about this breed, I was really more involved with my more domesticated girls who loved attention. Well, then she went broody again and having seen her beautiful ability to raise the other two, we decided to get her more fertile eggs and so it went, now we have perhaps 9 red junglefowl, so I found out last night in a frantic research what kind of chicken she was and to my surprise this morning during more research found she truly is wild, I just thought she was raised different and raising her babies different. My frantic search was because she decided last night to take the five pullets up with her into a tree. But we have moved recently and have many more predators here including owls, so I shook them out of the tree and put them in the coop and finally decided I must clip her wings, then after more research this morning I didn’t know if I should feel bad or not when I found this breed truly is wild and looks to be able to survive the wild and she was trying to teach her young how to do that and now I’ve interfered in ignorance. But it’s too late her wings are cut and so are her two grown ones, in which one is a Rooster, oh goodness, any thoughts on clipping wings, predators and this breed, before her, I’ve never clipped a wing and felt much about that topic as I do about having a cat being declawed I saw it as a kind of cruel, but then last night I saw it as the less of two evils, because even if she could survive I did’t think her pullets could, darn it and I”m not sure yet that all her littles are the same breed. Goodness not sure if I did the right thing. Live, love, learn

Chickie friend

Aug 9, 2020
Central TX
I accidentally got a jungle fowl too, his name is chief (he came with Silkie hatching eggs)

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