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    Apr 10, 2012
    I have two Red Ranger chicks. Just got them yesterday so I'm guessing they're a few days/week old. They're *trying* to fly ... more of flapping their tiny wings. They came from straight run so their gender is in question.

    I'm new at this chicken thing so I was wondering would the colors show their gender or being that they're a hybrid, could two females be different shades. One is a smidge darker than the other one?

    What about beaks? One's beak is darker than the other *same one w/ darker fluff and wings* and that one seems to want to stand up straight and look around...

    It's quite possible that I'm just obsessed w/ worry over getting a roo... When is the earliest you can tell?

    thank you.

    I'm trying to get a pix of them side by side out from under the light, but I'm sure it's too early right now to even notice much.
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