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May 16, 2014
Gales Creek, Oregon
I have a almost three week old red sex link. I have never had one this young and don't know if it's normal or if it's a great way to tell the sex or not. On both legs on the back there is a little bump... I am thinking they are spurs. This is only my second time having chicks and I don't think I saw any on my last batch. They were Americana and leghorns last time. I also only have one of the sex links so I can't compare it

This one is also very curious and will chest bump my hand almost as soon as I reach in the cage. Are they attention hogs?
If I had to pick one chick out of every baby flock we get to be a rooster, and I was correct with the other flock we just raised, this one would be it. Only by going on his personality and the tiny spur like bumps on the back of its leg.
Here is a couple of pictures of the chick
I will try and take a better picture in the morning you can't see the little bumps in the ones I have already taken




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All chicks are born with 'spur bumps'. In roosters and some hens they develop into spurs as the bird matures. Red sex link pullets will be red with some white flecking. Cockerels will be mostly white with a bit of red flecking.

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