1. I pulled out my almost empty commercial (not organic) bottle of red wine vinegar from my pantry last night. It looked like it had a mother in it. I had saved a half bottle of red wine from the night before that we didn't drink because it had "turned". So I added the half bottle of red wine to the bottle of vinegar. Will I have some nice red wine vinegar in a couple of weeks? Or did I kill the mother. It's not visible anymore.
  2. babettenj

    babettenj Out Of The Brooder

    Sep 10, 2009
    was the mother a slimy mass? if so it should grow, but will take more like a couple months to get going. if it was just sediment it may have just blended in. commercial vinegar is pasteurized so finding mother is rare, but i have had it happen. i just started a vinegar yesterday with mother i bought on ebay.

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