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Jul 18, 2016
Alberta, Canada
Hey all,

I am wanting to start working with the redcap chickens. But I am having a hard time finding any breeders, let alone any in Canada. Im thinking my best bet for getting some stock will be through a hatchery. Is there anyone on here who is working with the breed? Or trying to breed them up to standard from hatchery chicks?
Hi CanuckWinter, it's too bad no one has responded to this. I bought some redcap chicks this year from Murray McMurray. I've been trying to learn about them, but I don't find very much out there at all. Everything I've found so far on BYC is several years old. It would be nice to be able to find private breeders working with them. So far I haven't found any. I hope you have better luck up there in Canada.

What would be really nice would be to import some from England. The photos I've seen of theirs look really great.
Hi! Glad to find someone else who is interested in the breed. I think I may have to order mine from a hatchery. Either MM or Performance poultry. But so far the only info I can find them is in my grandfather's SOP from 1973. But at least it is a starting point. I'm hoping to order a few in spring and keep the best few to start working with them
I was thinking of doing the same- just keep the biggest ones and try to breed from them. But I'm not a serious breeder type. I probably won't be able to hatch out many, so I don't know if I will make any headway.

I got 13 chicks, and in the first several weeks there were about 5 that had what I figure is "failure to thrive". Some died and a couple had to be culled because they just stagnated. Living but not growing or developing. Then there were three that grew, but feathered out much slower than the others. I don't want to breed from those, but they have to be my spare roosters. Of the best growing group, I only had two cockerels, but one of them dropped dead, so that leaves me with four good pullets, one good male, and three low quality stand-by males.

I guess I'll just see who survives to adulthood and then see if they can produce any decent chicks.

I hope you are able to find a Canadian breeder, or a source that can ship to Canada.

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