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    This is my existing coop and run area. The original set up did not have the bump out shown in the middle picture. That was added on to create a bigger roosting area. I'm not satisfied with this setup for several reasons; the main two are that it is difficult to clean and I would love some type of roof set-up on the run that doesn't block so much of the light. I also wish the whole things was taller so my four hens would have more room. It sits between two raised flower beds and is attached to hardware cloth that is buried in the ground. Has anyone ever modified an existing set-up similar to this? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

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    What size is the coop? You could look at building a base for the coop to set on. Kinda like most elevated box coops, where the chicks can run underneath. Lifting the coop would be the issue with that. If you could get under the coop a little bit you could get some 2x4 or 4x4s underneath it....This is what I had in mind to lift it.[​IMG]

    If you were going to take the roof off, I'd do that first. Build your base and then lift the coop up. The less weight the better.

    Translucent roof panels are always an option. Most hardware stores sell corrugated roofing metal. Mine sellls the translucent ones as well. If you ran the panels horizontal, you could do the top in metal, middle in the translucent and then the bottom in metal. Or maybe adding a small window or two that you could cover in hardware cloth.
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    Lifting it onto an extended run underneath would make it easier to clean and give more protected run space.
    Have you been thru a winter with that coop yet?

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