Redrooster99's EE's, guineas, and the rest of the flock.

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    Hello everyone, this thread is about my awesome flock of egg producers, breeders, and pets.
    You want pictures right, we'll sorry first you need the story.
    It all started about 5 or 6 years ago when we got or first chicks, the first chickens to ever set foot on our property were 3 white leghorn cockerals, which later followed some 3 Rhode Island Red hens, a barred rock, 2 Dominiques, and 2 buff orpingtons. That was or first flock of sweeties which are sadly all gone now, we lost or last chicken from that bunch last year. We have had many chickens along the years including black and gold sex-links, bantams, australorps, EE's, wyandottes, and some of or favorites barnyard mixes.
    But or current flock consists of 23 little cuties. We have 13 Easter eggers, a gold laced polish, 2 Danish brown leghorns, an australorp, a barnyard mix( peck me ), a white guinea, a pearl guinea, a pied guinea, a lavender guinea, and 5 old english game bantams.
    16 members of the flock are still only 4 weeks old.

    You have all been waiting patiently so here ( drum role please ) are some pics.
    First the chicks
    The baby's at I believe 1 1/2 days old.
    The oldies
    The EE siblings at 2 months.

    And some better pics of the babies the day after we picked them up ( they were hatched 8/26/14 )
    The EE's
    The leghorns
    The guineas
    And the polish

    I will update everyone of course, I need to get some pics today of the bantams and the rest of the chickens, the baby chicks are 4 weeks and a day old.

    And just incase you were wondering about the last chicken from the original flock to survive, this is her at 3 or 4 years old. Her name was prissy she was a Rhode Island Red.
    Prissy we miss you RIP!!! In chicken heaven.

    Everyone remember this OSA discussion thread.
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