Refrigerating eggs?

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  1. funkychickenowner

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    Aug 30, 2008
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    How soon should eggs be refrigerated after laying? And how long will they stay without refrigerating? Curious as to how this may effect them for hard boiling and problem with shell removal. I have read that fresh eggs do not peel well is this true?
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    *Mine get refrigerated immediately after they cool from laying. I have heard it's true that they don't peel well when absolutely fresh, but I am not a big hard-boiled egg fan, so I can't really tell you how long to hold them until boiling.
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    Its a personal preference to refrigerate or not. It is true the very fresh eggs are hard to peel after hard boiling. Maybe give them about a week, I think, before hard boiling. Eggs last for several weeks. You can read on this site on how to test for freshness with the float method.
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    We gather eggs all throughout day and they sit in a basket on my kitchen table (I just love looking at them! Okay, so I'm weird! [​IMG] ) the end of the day, I log them and then put them in the refrigerator.
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    I pick eggs out of the nests once a day. They are cleaned if needed and then refridgerated. THey will keep fine about a week with out refridgeration but stay fresher longer with refridgeration though. (think hen laying to brood a batch. THey dont spoil in the week she is laying the clutch. ) Seems like mine have to be about 2 weeks old or more in the fridge before I boil em if I want them to peel easier...
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    Jul 21, 2007
    Quote:I do exactly the same thing. If I plan on hard cooking eggs I leave them out overnight on the counter. If you "age" them at room temperature they will be easier to peel.
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    Aug 30, 2008
    Sussex County NJ
    Great thanks for the advice! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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