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Hello all,

I have a health issue question for anyone who can help. Our refrigerator kicked off for an unknown amount of time (3 hour window unknown) last night. Temperature made it up to 60 or 67* F before my brother reset it. Should I toss out all my country eggs my flock has laid or will they be ok? I do sell some of the eggs so I am leaning toward tossing them for Safety concern unless someone can show me a reputable source to help me. Thanks yall
My Dad was a mason before he passed away.

If your eggs were washed before putting them in the refrigerator, they will be OK but you should definitely continue keeping them refrigerated. Three hours isn't enough time to worry unless they were exposed to high heat like a 100 degree day (and having washed the bloom off the egg, which protects it from germ entry).

For example, I give my eggs to family members and wouldn't bat an eye at holding the eggs at room temperature for a few hours before giving them away (washed eggs).

If your eggs were unwashed, then there is absolutely no concern for a three hour 60-70 degree window of no refrigeration.

Your eggs will be fine. I leave my unwashed eggs sitting in the garage for days before bringing them in to wash them and refrigerate them during the cooler part of the year. Some here on BYC leave them out on the counter for weeks, even (in their cool homes).

I wouldn't leave eggs out when they are at incubation temperatures (like those 90-100 degree days).

Remember the hen will collect eggs for a couple of weeks sometimes before setting on them. Those eggs would be good enough to eat, depending of course on the outside temperatures at the time (NOT incubation temperatures). There is a float test you can do if that situation ever arises, although personally I would never sell eggs from a hidden nest to anyone, just because I did the float test on a hidden nest once and they tasted strange, although we of course didn't become ill from them.
have a look under "shelf life of eggs" to soothe your mind if desired
Thank you for the reply!

We do not wash ours eggs at all. I figured they would be fine but a concern was raised of being refrigerated then warm then refrigerated again. we refrigerate ours just because its easier to have them in the fridges than out where they can be broken. I do not eat eggs but will eat all the good stuff they go into recipes for lol... Others in the house do eat them and I raise for the heck of it.
thir is a lot of resturants that never cools egg at all like 3 star and huddel house thay keep them right on the stove my wife worked at a 5star resturant that had the celebilty quail hunt she said thayed take them out in the morrning and put them back at night so you should be ok
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

I neither wash nor refrigerate my eggs. A Mother Earth News test showed that unwashed, refrigerated eggs had the best quality and taste - 12 months after being placed in storage. However, for up to several weeks egg quality is not affected by storing at room temps. Washing eggs reduces their resistance to spoilage.
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Greetings from Kansas, Masonicflock, and
! Great to have you here! While I always refrigerate mine, it helps to remember that in the summer I might not collect eggs until almost dark - eggs that could have been layed 12 hours or more earlier....and it is HOT in the coop in Kansas in the summer. I had no problems with eggs going bad or getting sick from eating them. I would sure think yours would be fine.
Thank y'all for the many posts!

I apparently misheard when I was relayed the info. possibly was up to 6hrs tho doubtful. We at times don't collect til a few hours they are laid ourselves. It gets hot as well here in TN but winter will be a challenge here since we are expecting a bad one. so in the pen mine will be staying.

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