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    Oct 27, 2007
    well, it's that time. mortgage paid, medical paid for, and still i know these little chickies will look at me tomorrow cause how come it'll be a couple days til i get to the store.

    so, i mixed up a lovely concoction of:

    whole wheat flour, beans, dry pasta that got spilt, oil for fattening them up, chopped half eaten apple, sprinkle of dry oats, leftover herbal tea, a little leftover pickle seasoning for canning with lots of seeds they'll like, two broken eggs, a little water, two torn up corn tortillas. and i think that's it.

    i can tell by the looks of it they will love it! any animal i've ever met likes something with a little bit of oil added. yum. plus, the texture, which i find abhorrent will undoubtedly appeal to them. part soupy, part mushy, part crunchy. also a few colors and sizes, too. makes for happy clucking chickens. yum. feed us this way everyday. lol. if only they knew.

    i jsut went and looked and it seemed like there were raw peanuts in there and also maybe another vegetable.

    a true ick but they love it.

    the only thing i've ever seen them turn up their nose at, was something i'd added carob too. they hated it with a passion. it still disappeared eventually but not without some resentment. don't ever buy that again strange lady who sticks her head out and tosses food at us. go for the real stuff next time, the chocolate. lol

    anybody else feeding scraps this week to the chickabees?

    edited to add........oh, and a little leftover wet cat food as someone said they like it. i tried the dried with mine and they were not interested. i put in just a tiny bit so in case it draws cats they'll be able to eat it all and it wont' last.
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