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  1. sorry have to ask this question kind of new here...when you say the birds are culls do you mean mixed breeds or just not show standard or what? [​IMG]
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    Quote:Generally it's a bird that doesn't meet the APA standard......or have the traits that you're trying to improve on in your birds.
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    Jan 6, 2009
    In this case what I ment was that in the fall the breeders will be reducing the number of chickens they have to winter--meaning feed and care for over the winter months.

    I go down to just what I am using from breeding and try not to keep any extra. So the fall 'Cull' birds can be actually very good birds--birds that have been shown or last years breeding birds, but aren't being kept for next year (aka 'culled' from the flock).

    Yeah, you don't want to call a breeder and ask for Culls, you want to ask for a birds suitable for breeding/showing.
  4. ok thanx got it [​IMG]

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