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We acquired two nigerian dwarf goats from a person who got bottle babies but could not handle taking care of them anymore. Bottle babies just are not for everyone!! They take a lot of work, but the rewards have been so worth it. These two girls were born in February but were not registered. I have been in contact with ADGA and have the tattoo issue figured out, but in order to register them we need another member to state they are native on appearance. Since we are fairly new to goats I am not sure were to go to find another member that is willing to do this. Can anyone point me in the right direction or help us out in any way?? Our daughter wants to be able to show them but without the registration we are being told she can't! Also posted on backyardherds but wanted to seek advice elsewhere if I could..
most registries will allow you to send in photos of the animals. Generally, it is a "head on" shot of the animal standing and a profile view from each side. Ask them if this would be an option. If not, they should be able to point you to a local member that you can contact. Also, check local shows (I'm assuming that you have some since your daughter wants to enter).
i will have to call the office again and find out. I emailed them and they told me that I would ahve to have another member sign the NOA form. I am still trying to figure out how to register one that was tattooed but never registered. I have her sire and dam information, but they never registered the kid. Trying to figure out how to register her without the service memo!
You are about an hour and a half away from Mayville, Michigan. Aletha Moody of Happy Tailz Farm is a breeder of Nigerian Dwarves (ADGA and AGS). While I doubt she'd let you bring any goats to her property for infection control reasons, she may be willing to help.

Are you an ADGA member? You should be getting a membership directory in the mail. It may help you locate ADGA Nigerian Dwarf breeders near you.
I don't have my membership yet, we are getting that done this week. I am trying to find out as much info as I can right now! We have 2, possibly 3, bred does that are due to kid in June/July so we need to get our membership going so we can register those kids when they arrive.
Welll I got the answer to registering NOA with ADGA... they will not accept it for Nigerian Dwarf Goats. So unfortunately these beauties can not be registered. So I am a bit peeved at the person we got them from because she said tehy were registerable. Guess that is what we get for being new to goats!! I have to check again with her 4H leader to see what we can do for her to be able to show these girls! At least we have a few others that we got that are registered and due to kid here in a few months. So we will just have to be that farm that has registered and unregistered goats!
Uh - sorry for the crap you went through.

We were going to purchase two goats whose owner said was "registerable," but they did NOT have tattoos nor any sort of paperwork just the information on the mom/dad, breeding dates, etc. When I contacted ADGA, there was a whole chain of things that had to be done to register the goats. It just wasn't worth it.

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