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mrs macdonald

In the Brooder
8 Years
Oct 17, 2011
Hi, I am very new to chicken keeping - started in October with 6 straight run day old chicks. Unfortunately they all turned out to be roos. They are now 14 weeks old.

I have the option to buy three 10 week old BCM pullets from the same local breeder that we bought the roo chicks from which hopefully means we would be back on target for some spring eggs. Being so inexperienced though I am uncertain how difficult it would be to add the pullets to 1 rooster (we would have to cull the others). The pullets are a month younger and going into his coop. Would they need to be separated? For how long? Would it be a lot easier to start again with female hatchery chicks in spring and cull all the roos? If they are separated for a while would the lone roo be too cold on his own (we are in Michigan and it will be mid january)?

Any thoughts would be appreciated - thank you.

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