Rehome Needed for Chickens - Moving Out of State


Aug 10, 2020
Hello from Southern California. We have three adult chickens, Foggy, Roo and Moppie (all girls, 2 Foghorns, 1 Plymouth) and thanks to a neighbors visiting Rooster, now have 6 babies approx. 1 week old (yellow, b&w, yellow with brown and black markings, all black). We are moving out of state and being it will take two days of driving (min.) we think it will be too much stress for out little munchkins. Also, with work and a recent injury, we just don't have the time to give them like we used to (Foggy and Roo are approx. 5 years old, Moppie is 2). Foggy and Roo used to be "lap chickens" before we fenced in our porch, and can easily be turned into that again, Moppie behaves well when caught and all three like snuggles and pets (will go to sleep in your arms). Roo is our special girl. She cannot lay hard shelled eggs, usually just a membrane shell that breaks on impact and she requires her nails cut every few months (they grow a bit long). She is the most talkative of the three and will spend time "chatting" with you. Such a sweetie we never cared if she layed eggs or not. We really hate to have to give them away, and we want them to go to a good home where they will be treated as pets, not just chickens or seen as dinner on any given night. They are as much pets to us as a dog or cat is. We can deliver or meet halfway. If you come here, you can have the coops (no way to transport). We only ask that you will care for them as a part of the family. Thank You. Email:

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